SuperKaleidoscope (Kim Fasher & Sarah Mosca)

Photo-Sculpture, pictures, objects and paradox

Criena Court, Michaela Gleave, Gemma Messih, SuperKaleidoscope (Kim Fasher & Sarah Mosca) and Marian Tubbs.

MOP Projects, Sydney, Australia

October 2012

Untiltled (Andrée, Strindberg, Frænkel), 2012

Framed print from damaged negative sourced from Grenna Museum - Polarcenter, lamda print, heavy duty canvas tarpaulin, unfixed colour photographic paper, split framed photograph sourced from Grenna Museum - Polarcenter, framed digital print sourced from Big Bear Solar Observatory. Vitrine contents: found image Rodin 'The Fall of Icarus', sourced composite illustration, commissioned hand made reproduction of Aztec eagle warrior, signed copy of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, 1897 Swedish krona, positive wax mould of 8 x 10 inch photographic box. 2250 x 4600 x 2400mm

This project has been supported by an Artspace Studio Residency.


© Copyright Sarah Mosca 2016