Todd McMillan & Sarah Mosca

You are as hopeless as me (study), 2014

This project started with a conversation about fear on a Sunday, over rosé and multiple episodes of Law & Order SVU. Although we have always worked separately, maybe our work was too similar.

The commonalities, the parallels, the realisation that although we were separate, we were looking at (or for) the same thing. Be it at the sea, or be it in the mountains.

And the question then arose: Do we go our separate ways, and concede and indeed propagate the idea that we are alone in the universe - or endure the parallel?

The Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil covering Tim Buckley, a distress-flare released. To share a common goal, and an inevitable common defeat.

It is an attempt to be less alone.

A signal or cry to be released or to break the shackle.

At once the siren as well as the victim on the ship.

Please do not attempt to save us.

We are all called to crash into the cliffs and as we sink into the sea and the light begins to fade, above the waves we both hear the distinct sound of donk donk: the acknowledgement that we are indeed Special Victims.

Todd McMillan is represented by Sarah Cottier Gallery

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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body  

Todd McMillan & Sarah Mosca

You Are As Hopeless As Me

Enduring Parallels

Curated Ineke Dane & Lottie Consalvo

The Lock-Up, Newcastle, Australia

November, 2014


© Copyright Sarah Mosca 2016