A Novella

15 March - 13 April 2017

Solo Show

Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

Spring 1883, The Windsor Hotel

Sarah Cottier Gallery, Suite 424

Gemma Smith, Esther Stewart, Brendan van Hek, Matthys Gerber, Nicola Smith, Jonny Niesche, Sarah Mosca, Christopher Hanrahan,

Joyce Hinterding

August 17 - August 21, 2016

Another Green World

Maria Cruz, Matthys Gerber, Brendan van Hek, Jack Lanagan Dunbar, Sarah Mosca, Olivier Mosset, Jonny Niesche, John Nixon, Jamie North, Andreas Reiter Raabe, Koji Ryui, Sandra Selig, Gemma Smith

Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

August 4 - September 3, 2016

Sarah Cottier Gallery

New Work Grant Recipient 2016

Australia Council for the Arts

NSW Visual Arts Fellowship 2015

Artspace, Sydney

November, 2015

Its all beneath the floor, its all between the walls

Curated by Alexander Jackson Wyatt

Hany Armanious (AU) / Irina Bujor (RO) / Eva Engelbert (AT) / Manuel Gorkiewicz (AT) / Lukas Heistinger (AT) / Simon Iurino (IT) / Anna Jermolaewa (RU) / Armin Linke (IT/DE) / Sarah Mosca (AU) / Jonny Niesche (AU) / Alina Schmuch (DE) / Anne Schnieder (AT)

Goldeggasse 26, Heistinger Atelier, Vienna, Austria

Cataracts & Waterfalls

Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

October 15 - November 14, 2015

The Alchemists

Australian Centre for Photography

November, 2015

Sydney, Australia

Everything & Nothing

Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney

June 26- July 25 2015

Tim Bruniges, Mikala Dwyer, Christopher Hanrahan, Matt Hinkley, Joyce Hinterding, Todd McMillan, Sarah Mosca, John Nixon, Koji Ryui, Gemma Smith


Interstate Projects, New York

Curated by Dana Kopel & Marian Tubbs for Minerva, Sydney

June 19 – July 12, 2015

Hany Armanious, Hannah Black, Cameron Crawford, Hamishi Farah & Aurelia Guo, Helen Johnson, Sarah Mosca, Anne Schneider, Stuart Scott Smith

New York, USA

National Gallery of Australia

NGA Contemporary Collection

May, 2015

Canberra, Australia

Enduring Parallels

Curated Ineke Dane & Lottie Consalvo

The Lock-Up, Newcastle, Australia, November, 2014

Collaboration with Todd McMillan

New Work Grant Recipient 2014

Australia Council for the Arts


Curated by Kate Beckingham and Anna McMahon

Metro Arts, Brisbane, Australia

22 October - 8 November, 2014

Bowness Prize Finalist 2014

Monash Gallery of Art

ACID/GOTHIC Curated by Nick Garner

Group Show, MOP Projects, Sydney, August, 2014

Solo Show

Useless Gestures

Galerie Pompom, Sydney

23 July - 17 August, 2014


Banff Arts Centre, Alberta, Canada

Spring Artist Residency Program May, 2014

Interview with Kim Fasher

Try Hard Magazine

New Work Grant Recipient 2013

Australia Council for the Arts

Group Show

On the Surface of Things

Curated by Isobel Parker Philip

Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney

Bowness Prize Finalist 2013

Monash Gallery of Art

Opening and Announcement: Thursday 3 October 2013
Exhibition dates: Friday 4 OCTOBER - Sunday 3 NOVEMBER 2013

Innovators Program November 2013

Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts

St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria

Group Show MOP Projects, Sydney

Photo-Sculpture Pictures, objects and paradox

13 September - 30 September 2012

Solo Show Galerie Pompom, Sydney

6 November - 2 December 2012

Group Show Assemblage, Sydney

A Heap of Broken Images

8-19 May 2013


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